Saturday Interruption!!?

Sometimes I write an interruption to the normal Interruptions.

I call them my Saturday Interruption. They are about me. I give an update about what is happening with me!

For some reason, the Saturday Interruption is one of my favorites to write.  Hmmhhhmmm… let me get up this morning and write about myself! I have to refrain from having “Monday” and “Tuesday” and “Wednesday” and “Thursday” and “Friday” Interruptions to the normal Interruptions.

What about me?

I am now safely ensconced in my new office in downtown Springfield, Ohio, having moved from my office at Fellowship.

I say “safely” as I must walk by a food court serving chicken and waffles and Louis’s corn cakes and beef to get to my office. Once in my office, I’m protected from thousands if not millions of caloric temptations.

I did memorize Romans 13:14 as my first memory verse in 1972:

Put on the Lord Jesus making no provisions for the flesh according to its lusts. Now I stand firmly each day and declare, “Get behind me waffles and corn cakes.”  NASB95 and OGV

While I was in Israel in March 2020 – yep, a year ago – I had a great discussion with the Lord about my future. At that time, I was leaning into the final year before succession from my role as Senior Pastor to Founding Pastor at Fellowship. I was on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and I believe God indicated, “Be a good steward of the content that I have given to you.”

In the last year I have begun writing my Interruptions blog and now have a recording/Zoom/live streaming/vlogging/podcasting studio/office next to the waffles and corn cakes.

Did I mention at the new office there are also great pizzas, salads, and soon-to-be hamburgers!!! I had to memorize Proverbs 23:2 to survive:

Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.

To be a good steward of my “content,” I have learned about Zoom, ATEM switchers, Corel Video Studio, the difference between yellow and white light on my face (yellow takes away wrinkles), how to pack content into a page-and-a-half Interruptions, and keep room for humor and OGVE absurdities (Old Guy Version of Everything).

Interruptions is reaching over 1,000 in both English and Russian. I am teaching a Zoom conference this week about First Steps to pastors in eight cities in Belarus, and there are conferences planned all over the world.

Whoever heard of Zoom before March of 2020?

A team of volunteers now helps me with technology, video teachings, and editing/graphics with Interruptions. We are soon to publish the first book of Interruptions. We even have books 2 and 3 of Interruptions just about ready to go. Sort of like 1 Grant, 2 Grant, and 3 Grant (if you use Biblical lingo as the image and don’t mind the name). This content is posted on

I’m still banned on Facebook and I appreciate you forwarding Interruptions and sending me names to be added to the list of those receiving them.

Keep me in your prayers. I tell people that my ministry needs CPR – Clarity, People, Resources – and God is providing!

Another blessing of 2021 resulting from 2020 is that my daughter, son-in-law, and their children are moving back to Springfield. I am going to have lots of fun with Jackson and Colin, along with twins Gwyn and Gabby.

You can see below that the G-Bops are packed and ready to move!

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