Men In Kilts

All is vanity.  Ecclesiastes 1:2 NASB95

My wife has two laughs – one when she sees something ridiculous and one of pure joy while observing something meaningful.

I love both!

Laughter could be the most important part of any relationship. No laughter and no fun usually means anger along with bitterness instead.

I ride a bicycle for exercise. (This isn’t a random statement; it is the background for laughter later.)

My wife loves Outlander.

For those uninitiated, Outlander is a Scottish travel-through-time historical fiction series on cable. It is also a humongous book series. My wife has read the humongous books several times and watched each episode of the TV series over and over.

I don’t want to accuse my wife of being obsessive of all things Outlander.

For Christmas, she did request a replica of Jamie Fraser’s wedding ring to Claire. Jamie is the hero and Claire is his love interest. In Outlander there are intrigues, battles, love lost and won, tension, and too much romance.

My wife – having no previous interest in Scotland – now wants to go on an Outlander Tour of Scotland!

A great difficulty during the COVID crisis for Outlander fans has been no newly produced Outlander episodes. My wife told me that the internet followers and fanatics, call this “Drought-lander.” I think my wife is showing withdrawal symptoms, but when I mentioned it, she gave me the “don’t be ridiculous” laugh.

I’ve been content to watch re-runs of the Tour de France during COVID – especially years 1999 to 2005 – the years Lance Armstrong won the Tour.

To appease the pent-up desire for Outlander, the producers recently came up with a show called Men in Kilts. The star of Outlander, Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, and Graham McTavish, who plays Dougal Mackenzie, give a tour of Scotland.

They wear kilts, thus the title Men in Kilts.

When Barbara told me about the show, she ended her announcement with her patented “joy” laugh.

My wife has watched every episode of Men in Kilts, makes me watch every episode, and tells everyone she knows to watch every episode. She has mentioned how handsome Sam and Graham look wearing kilts.

I’m not a jealous lad though.

But when I mention her over-interest in Men in Kilts,  she has the “don’t be ridiculous” laugh. Hmmmhhhmmm.

This past week – warm weather in Ohio! Low 70’s and low humidity is perfect cycling weather. I got in my cycling gear, walked downstairs, and seeing my wife, said:

Why do you think about men in kilts when you have a man in Spandex right in front of you?

She had a very long laugh. What type do you think? Ridiculous or joy?

I’m okay.

I know that my wife loves me. She did, however, send around to our friends a recent photo of Jamie Fraser with the comment, “What a man looks like in a kilt.”

The friends texted back imploring her not to post a photo of me in Spandex.

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