My God Arguments

Would life be worth living without God? Over the years I have accumulated arguments for God.

My arguments are not scientific or philosophical. However, I find most scientific reasons for disbelief to lack evidence and philosophical doubt often being illogical.

I contrast options for belief and non-belief below. I ask the question, “What’s better, God or not?”

  • How did the universe get here? Christians say it began with God. Atheists prefer an explanation of chance combined with billions if not trillions of years. Which is more logical?
  • Why is there pain and suffering? Agnostics point to the impossibility of a loving God who permits pain. Pain is terrible, but with God, the possibility exists to understand its purpose. Which view gives comfort?
  • Will you see someone who has died again? Atheists, no. Christians, yes. Hmmmhhhhh. Choose to disbelieve if you want, but I’m looking forward to seeing my mother and father again.
  • Can science disprove God? If science can disprove God, then science is God. Have you read a bumper sticker that reads, “We trust science”? The Bible says God created the universe with orderly physics that science can discover. Absurd for science to use God’s creation to deny His existence.
  • Do Christians disprove God by the way they act? Admittedly, sometimes believers act more like Neanderthals than followers of Jesus. But the same could be said for atheists, agnostics, politicians, and scientists. The question: sin with grace, or sin without grace?

Atheists and agnostics – no hope for eternal life, no rational explanation for existence, nothing to overcome sin, no grace, and no ultimate context for suffering.

How can atheists live with themselves?

Believers – hope, faith, eternity, resolution, justice, salvation, and science!

Who wins?

A consideration: without God to undergird ultimate meaning, there is no truth or purpose. The universe exists as a happenstance accident. Morals, ethics, and truth are mere conveniences than real.

If without God there is no truth, then we must ask the question, “Without God, is there rational thought?” as someone or something must delineate reason.

Let’s have some fun.

Having no truth or nothing rational, why listen to what an atheist or agnostic says because by their own definition it is impossible for them to say anything rational or true. They talk about absurdities.

As a Christian, I base truth upon a self-existent God who reveals Himself in nature. There is truth (even if difficult to find) and science can make discoveries to increase our understanding.

Atheists are hypocrites as they love air conditioning in hot weather and ridicule faith in any season. But with no truth, how do they know hot is hot or cold is cold, and how can they say faith is untrue?

Christians smart; atheists dumb.

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