Living Water

Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water” (John 4:10). 


First thing upon getting up in the morning, I drink a glass of water.  

On earth, there are over 300 quintillion gallons of water. It’s everywhere. Eighty percent of your blood is water. Can you imagine how dry a steak would be without water? And without water, Coke© would go out of business – and forget about Gatorade© bottles handed to pro football players during the Super Bowl.

Water and God.

What most don’t know is that the existence of water can only be explained by a Creator God.

No scientist can explain why water floats when it solidifies into ice. But strangely, water sinks as it gets cold until about 39°F degrees then it begins to float. Yep, water at 50°F is heavier than water at 70°F, but water at 31°F is lighter than water at 70°F.


Water and ice.

Fishermen should praise God. 

Our Creator God thought of them when He made ice lighter than liquid water. If ice sank, or lakes froze from the bottom up, can you imagine the devastation to the ice fishing business in Michigan?

Water and food.

Without water, there would be no food on the earth. 

We know that plants and animals need water. Food takes energy. This needed energy would soon be depleted from the earth withou a renewing source. And water is necessary to convert energy to food.

If you are an “old-earth creationist” without water,  the energy for food would be gone millions of years ago. Or, if a “young-earth creationist,” the energy for food would be used up by 2022.

Which would explain the continuing Fritos© shortage at Kroger.

Water as savior.  

Energy for food is constantly supplied by the sun. Little critters called Cyanobacteria convert sunlight into energy – thus allowing a continued food supply. Amazing, but atheists and agnostics should consider the following two points:

First, the sun.  

The electromagnetic energy emitted by the sun is so vast that if a single playing card counted for each part of the spectrum and all the cards were stacked, the stack would reach the stars.  

Of all those cards, visible light exists in two cards. Yep, just two. And, of those two playing cards – out of a stack reaching from earth to stars – 70 percent of the sun’s energy output is in the spectrum of those two playing cards.

Second, seawater.  

The water in our oceans absorbs almost all the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum except for – you guessed it – the two playing cards! Seawater allows the sunlight in these two cards to pass through to co-mingle with the Cyanobacteria. Now the “Cynano” get busy, and by photosynthesis, create tiny bits of food eaten first by plankton, then plankton by whales, then by cows, then by humans.

Literally, living water! 

Though some aspects of my Interruptions science need a bit of honing, I think you get the point. How did blind chance create such an incredible scenario on both the sun and, 91 million miles away, on the earth, at the same time?

Water, Sun, Fritos© – God exists?

Note:  This Interruption was inspired by the chapter on water contained in the Eric Metaxas book, “Is Atheism Dead?”

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