For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the focus is on military power. But consider another power that has been blazing across Ukraine for at least 10 years.


Kyiv has the largest protestant church in Europe with at least 26,000 in attendance and there is another church in the city with 8,000. The largest Messianic church in Europe, of at least 1,500, is also in Kyiv. 

A historical OG note:  Some write “Kiev” and others write “Kyiv.” Same city, but there is a movement among Ukrainians to get people around the world to write “Kyiv,” derived from the Ukrainian language, as opposed to “Kiev,” derived from the Russian language.

In the past three decades, thousands of churches have been planted throughout Ukraine. Christianity Today recently reported that 500 evangelicals were elected to all levels of the Ukrainian government. 

I have not been to Ukraine, but I have been to Russia many times, and I’ve often met Ukrainian believers living in Russia. Some of the largest churches in Russia are led by Ukrainian pastors who came to Russia from Ukraine to plant churches.

Several years back, I talked to a Russian pastor in St. Petersburg, Russia, who had just returned from Ukraine, and he said, “If you try to get people to come to hear the gospel in Russia, you might get 10, but in Ukraine, you will get a thousand.”

There is power in revival. 

I don’t think that at any time in history (I’m not the best historian), a country with nationwide revival has, at the same time, suffered a military invasion. There are two forces clashing in Ukraine – military and spiritual. 

Those of faith know which one is more powerful.

Watching the news recently, I saw people bowing their knees and praying in a park in Kyiv. Right now, God listens to hundreds of thousands of believers in Ukraine praying for their country.

As a result of this clash of spiritual and physical forces, the situation could turn out differently than expected. The ultimate focus of the spiritual forces of evil is worldwide control, but God never loses sovereignty.

Expect the rapture and the soon return of Jesus, but before both, a worldwide revival. 

Unexpected by the military and their supporting principalities and powers, this could be the ultimate result of the current invasion. What is happening in Ukraine could begin a worldwide spiritual clash resulting in revival and the return of Jesus.

A country in revival, with hundreds of thousands of believers praying, has been physically invaded. God hears their prayers, and He will answer them – in a way that will cause eternity to cheer.

Let’s pray with our Ukrainian, our Russian, our Israeli, our Baltic, and European sisters and brothers for victory – Kingdom victory!

Historic legend describes the Apostle Andrew visiting Kyiv, and while overlooking the hills of the city, proclaiming that one day many churches will rise to the glory of God. Those churches are there now, and current events will (unexpectedly for the invading forces) accelerate the growth of even more churches.

On Sunday, February 20, with their nation on the verge of invasion, believers attended churches across Ukraine.

One pastor in Kyiv told his church…  

I do not know in what mood you came here, but I know for sure that if you open your heart to the Lord, you will come out renewed, strengthened in Jesus Christ, and ready for anything that is challenging our life.

A pastor in another city said to his church…

Neither Putin nor anyone else can separate us from the love of God.

Amen. Revival. Rapture. And the soon return of Jesus. 


As I ended writing this Interruption, I received an email from a Pastor friend in Ukraine. He writes… 

The Ukrainian army is 1.5 kilometers from our house. They are expecting an invasion from the sea. Several hours ago we heard the first shots, and it was terrifying. Our children [their ministry is an orphanage] are frightened, and we are in the basement shelter.

Pray specifically…

  1. For the Lord to stop this war       
  2. For God to use this conflict to miraculously turn many souls to salvation
  3. For our children to be safe
  4. For the house, an orphanage, just built to not be destroyed
  5. That we would be able to host refugees

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