He Is Risen!

The Lord has risen indeed (Luke 24:34, ESV).

Tomorrow, on Easter Sunday, we will greet others with, “He is risen!” Then, they will respond with, “He is risen indeed!”

Where did this greeting originate? Most translations in history have translated Luke 24:34 as “The Lord has risen indeed.” So, the statement begins with Scripture!

According to the Eastern Orthodox church, this greeting became a tradition of the church after Mary Magdalene presented an egg to Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar while saying, “Christ is risen!” 

The greeting, known as the Paschal greeting, has been an ancient custom in Orthodox and Catholic traditions. In the Eastern churches, the greeting is accompanied by an exchange of three kisses on alternate cheeks.  

I’m glad the American churches have kept the greeting and lost the kissing on cheeks!

When Mary Magdalene first proclaimed, “The Lord has risen indeed,” she used the Greek word “ontos” translated as “indeed.” The word “ontos” can also mean … 

Really! or … 

Yes, this happened or …

I’m not kidding or …

I saw it myself or … 

You better believe it.

Jesus has risen indeed!

We get the English word “ontological” from “ontos.” Ontology is the study of the nature of existence and the root of all meaning. Jesus’ resurrection is the basis for everything, including our hope for eternal life!

He is risen … this happened! 

Mary Magdalene saw Jesus at the tomb. Her statement was eyewitness testimony. Though a woman of illicit reputation, she was the first person to see Jesus alive after His death, burial, and resurrection.  

But Mary Magdalene’s statement would’ve been considered crazy except others, including 500 at one time, began to see Jesus alive as well.

Jesus is risen – you better believe it!

The resurrection isn’t a nice story meant to inspire, a lie by uneducated fishermen to promote a cause, or a mystical event meant to inspire our personal truth.

Jesus is risen – literally and physically!

Timothy Keller writes … 

The Christian view of resurrection, absolutely unprecedented in history, sprang up full-blown immediately after the death of Jesus. There was no process or development. His followers said that their beliefs did not come from debating and discussing. They were just telling others what they had seen themselves.

He is risen.

He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter!

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