Political Conversations

The Apostle Paul gives us instructions on how to have political conversations. Let’s read what he has to say in the venerable King James Version …

Let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ (Philippians 1:27, KJV).

The Greek word translated as “conversation” is “politea.”  

We get our word “politics” from this Greek word. The word in Greek can be used for being a good citizen, conducting oneself according to the law, being worthy, and having a good conversation.

In English versions of the Bible, there isn’t agreement on how to translate this word.

While the King James says “conversation,” the NASB1995 goes with “conduct,” the ESV says “worthy,” and the NLT “citizens.” I may as well add to the confusion by giving my translation below …

As citizens of Jesus’ Kingdom, let all of your political conversations be conducted in a manner worthy of the gospel (Philippians 1:27, OGV [Old Guy Version]).

We will have many political conversations in the next year. How do we have great and encouraging political conversations?

It’s easy. While most versions of the Bible disagree on how to exactly translate “politea,” and Christians differ in their actual politics, Bible translators are united that our conversations about politics, or anything else, should be …

Worthy of the Gospel (NASB1995 & ESV)

Worthy of the Good News (NLT)

Becometh the Gospel (KJV)

Stop arguing and start preaching Jesus (OGV)

That’s how to have great political conversations — make sure that they are worthy of the Gospel.  

In the past, we had Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Now we have left, center, and right Democrats; left, center, and right Republicans; and left, center, and right Independents — all having conversations not worthy of the Gospel.

As Christians, our priority is not to promote a political party, nationalism, or socialism but the Kingdom of God — the political party of Jesus. His political platform promotes grace, mercy, understanding, love, and considering others better than ourselves.

When we get into shouting matches about our political beliefs and demean others for their ideas, we are not having conversations worthy of the Gospel.

When we state our opinions, listen respectfully, and look for opportunities to point others toward the only political solution that will work — Jesus — our talk is worthy of the Kingdom of God.

Let’s use this checklist to discern if our conversations are worthy of Jesus. Ask the following … 

  • Am I losing my temper?
  • Am I listening?
  • Am I looking for an opportunity to talk about Jesus?

Let’s have political conversations worthy of the Gospel in 2024.

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