Others Following: Key to a Great Leader

I work in the world of volunteers. In my organization, there are 400 volunteers actively engaged in serving on a weekly basis.

I don’t pay these volunteers and I can’t talk to them every week. Yet they serve. Being a leaper, I’m in limbo with my ideas unless others follow. An idea without help accomplishes nothing.

I practice five rules …

1. I follow a dream that is bigger than me.

2. I’m totally sold out to this dream.

3. I talk about my vision and my passion to everyone that I can.

4. I want others to follow the vision, not me.

5. I will do anything to help them succeed.

With goals, your vision, or your mission. There is a time when it catches fire. People believe in what you do or your vision more than they believe in you. In a sense, you aren’t even needed anymore and you can go do something else.


I was teaching in Cuba on leadership. It was a few years back and entering Cuba was a trial. After a day of teaching, my associate commented on the material that we were teaching. This was material that I had written. He said, “I believe that my purpose in life is to teach this material. It changes lives.”

Others following –key to leading!

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