Three Key Leadership Sightlines

I overheard three hunters discuss sitting in a tree stand. It was a large stand and all three could sit there for hours. They discussed how they maintained sightlines in differing directions.

There are three leadership directional sightlines.

A leaper looks forward.

A paver looks backwards.

A spanner looks both ways.

A leaper provides great vision, a paver gives stability with best practices from the past, and a spanner keeps the team working together.

Once the concepts of leaper, spanner, and paver are understood, leaders intuitively know their sightline — whether they look forward, backward, or back and forth.

A leadership team that doesn’t recognize sightlines will err in considering someone looking in differing direction inadequate to the task or even wrong. A paver may want to oust a leaper and certainly vice versa for a leaper. The spanner may want to quit.

Re-considering the three hunters. Why would they all look in the same direction? The idea is to see the deer and that is best accomplished by looking in three directions.