Is It God?

I’m asked this question often. 

Most conversations initiated with me in the last few years focus on this question.  There are different forms of the question– Should I marry this person?  Should I take this job?  Should I divorce my wife?  Should I go on vacation? Should I start this business?

‘Is it God?’ is a legitimate question that should be asked often.  With my white hair, I believe people think I’m a cloned Moses that knows God’s will.

I realize that many just want affirmation of what they have already decided.

I find it best to follow the example of Jesus. When He was asked questions– Jesus and I– we asked/ask questions back.

Jesus favorite questions:

Jesus asked, “What do the scriptures say?”

I always start with this question.  It should be the beginning question we all ask. Sometimes I tell them what scripture says about their question but more often I suggest they look it up and then text me. Those who want a quick pastoral seal of approval will argue even if I quote scripture — if it opposes their already arrived upon conclusion. The ‘sincerely seeking God’s will’ go to study the Bible and get back with me.

Jesus asked, “Who do people say that I am?”

The answer is Christ — our Lord and Savior.  I ask this question, “Who is Jesus in your life?”  I then ask, “Do you want to follow Jesus?” All of us want the ‘savior’ part of Jesus; it is the ‘lordship’ that causes us problems. My greatest role as a pastor is helping others understand that following Jesus … even when we don’t want to … always brings the best result.

Jesus said, “Go and sell everything that you own?”

Ok, it is not a question but a challenge.  Following God means change.  Walking in faith means change.  We resist change and so we create subterfuge by asking questions.  I try to help those seeking God’s will to understand their fear, doubt, anger, and selfishness and then I ask/tell or help them know their step of faith.

This is the point: Finding God’s will isn’t that difficult; obeying God’s will means walking through our fears. This is difficult and my role is to help them take this step of faith.

Jesus said, “Do you want to get well?”

God’s will means freedom and health.  Often people do not want to get well.  They have developed an accommodation with their fear or sin. It has become so familiar to them — it is them!  They are stuck.

I pray for their courage and deliverance.

Pastor Grant says, “God has this incredible plan for your life.  It is revealed chapter by chapter. Don’t get caught in the difficulties of one chapter.  Move on to the next chapter. Chapter by chapter.  The book has a great ending.”

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