Sowing Seeds Secret

Sowers …

A week ago someone texted me and said, “Remember what you said to me a few years ago, I have never forgotten this statement and it has helped me.”

I didn’t remember what I had said but I was glad that it helped.  I have to admit this happens a lot.

It is a result of sowing seeds.

Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 9:6, “Please don’t forget. There is no blessing if you do not sow seeds.  Sow a lot of seed and you will receive many blessings.” (OGV)

Consider an empty corn field.  At the end of the season there will be no corn if seed isn’t sown.

I love to talk.  I ask too many questions.  But I do have a plan — I want to plant seeds in empty fields.

In all conversations there is a moment when I can say something, as I am led by God’s Spirit.  This is planting seed.  I often forget what I say, but the Spirit takes it and something grows.

A few years back, a man was complaining about everything in his life. I have a philosophy of interrupting complaining people. I don’t need to hear their complaints and they should stop!

I told him that I had found peace and asked him if he wanted to know peace. He laughed at me and made a rude remark about being converted to Jesus. I said, “You are right I have found peace in Jesus.”

A few years later he called and asked if I would tell him about peace.

Seed planted. Seed watered by the Spirit.  Then a harvest.  But nothing would have grown if I hadn’t planted a seed.

It does take you/us/me being bold!

People are empty fields.  Seed needs to be planted.  There will be no harvest unless you plant seed.  When planting seed, you do not have to see a quick harvest.  Be patient until it receives the early and late rain of God’s Spirit.

There are a lot of empty fields today.  Despair, weeds, anger, and dead animals being eaten by vultures.

There are also fields full of grain and ready to be harvested.  The difference is the seed that has been planted or not planted.

Rules for planting seed:

  1. Look for empty fields.  Pray during a conversation and speak as the Lord leads.
  2. Your children, parents, and co-workers need seed planted.  Don’t be rude or obnoxious.  Just plant the seed and don’t argue if they resist.  God will convict resulting in growth or rejection of the seed. Your job is only to plant seed.
  3. You have to plant seed.  It is your responsibility.  There is no harvest when there is no seed planted.  Pray to be bold.

I know someone who received Jesus when someone walked up to him on the street and asked if he wanted to have peace.  A bold move but the peace-giver was being led by God’s Spirit.

How blessed are the feet of those who bring great news of peace! – Romans 10:15 (OGV)

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