I’m Right and You are Wrong!

It has taken 67 years to build the world of Grant Edwards.

I have a house, a theology, a family, a degree of comfort, ambitions, ideas, a political stance, and Bible doctrine.  I believe that I am right in these things.

I’ve learned that it is dangerous to quickly dismiss opposing thoughts. Even though I believe that I’m right, love means that I do not quickly dismiss your ideas when you disagree with me.

Paul writes in Ephesians 4 …

Walk with other believers in a way that honors your calling to follow Jesus. With an attitude of ‘that I could be wrong’, make it a priority to listen to one another and be patient.  Serve one another with tolerance and make every attempt to be unified.  There is a bond in peace that will survive tension, strife, and change. (OGV)

We are taught by Biblical prophecy that in the end times strife, dissensions, and disagreement will increase in both frequency and intensity.

A year ago I never thought that a point of contention could be wearing masks to church or whether or not to get a vaccination.  You can add varied conspiracy theories. 

I think that I’m right.  I also realize that I’m wrong — too often!  I’ve stopped saying ‘you are wrong’ until I have listened, prayed, and Spirit-considered the matter.

How should I respond to Minneapolis and racial tension?  The “I’m right and you are wrong” thinking doesn’t help unity. I want Jesus to win.  I want His kingdom advanced in truth and love.

Considering tolerance and unity, my being right isn’t important.  Jesus give me your perspective.

In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul clearly teaches that we should honor our calling to follow Jesus. Peace indicates truth.  If we listen to others and to God — our prejudice, our erroneous doctrine, and our anger — can be transformed from self-serving to others-serving.

I want peace and I want you to have peace. I don’t care anymore if I am right.  I’m not trampling on truth when I write this because truth is always found in the context of love.

Love without truth worships self-serving idols; truth without love worships anger.

I want to have truth in love.  I don’t want to be right.  I would rather you be right and me wrong.

Above all, we need to love one another even when we disagree.

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