God Will Help!

I am often confounded. I don’t know what to say or to do.

When I experience doubt, when I encounter something that I don’t understand, when I watch media, when I see death or sickness, when I can’t come up with something wise to say to save a marriage, when I’m confronted and don’t know what to say, when I’m asked a question with no answer, when I hear of someone who has stumbled.

You can add violence; walking away from the faith; evil being called good and good evil; blaspheme; even rude behavior. 

Also add my constant ability to say the wrong thing; think the wrong thoughts; get mad at people who love me; and somehow justify all of it.

There is something about me, that must have an answer. I’m a pastor and too often, I have nothing helpful. I say what I shouldn’t and do when I know better.

Psalm 27:13 says, “I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

My utter believe in the sovereignty of God guards against despair.  Psalm 103 adds,  “The Lord has established His throne in the heaven, and His sovereignty rules over all.”

I believe in a God who doesn’t have to answer all of my questions right now. I trust His eternal purposes.  I know that peace will prevail and the price for that peace has been paid.  That the utmost injustice resulted in my forgiveness.

I do not have peace because I understand; I have peace because I know Jesus.

The foundation of intercession, the reason that I pray, can never be my understanding.  True intercession can’t reflect me at all, as I would merely pray my ambitions, prejudices, or lusts.  I guard against prayers wrapped with religiosity or patriotism or self-indulgence.

Intercession that changes the world prays in a garden, bereft of pretense, with blood on the brow saying, “God not my will but your will be done.”

From this position of humility comes righteous prayers and action.  When our prayers align with the purposes of a Sovereign God — His will becomes our will, releasing God’s latter day revival.

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