“I Don’t Know How to Pray” is a good start!

An invitation at the end!

I pray for breakthrough.  I have a problem or a trial and I pray until I gain insight and peace.

Sometimes, I don’t know how to pray.  The breakthrough seems distant — I can’t get there and what is frustrating, I don’t where to start.

Every prayer warrior or intercessor that I have read about or talked with deals with this.  We want to pray specifically, we want to rain God’s power and blessing into our situation.  But we’re not sure how to start and what to pray about.

Have you sensed this in your spirit recently?  Churches stopped, churches started, unrest, protests, and violence.

I admit my inadequacy and pray in the Spirit.  Paul writes, “… when we don’t know how to pray, the Spirit helps us by praying for us with groanings too deep for words.”

In the midst of praying that the church would be unified over something as simple as wearing masks to church or  issues as complicated as peaceful protests ending with tear gas…

I pray in the Spirit!

My best prayer could have been a few minutes ago. I wrote down the exact words: “AARGGGHHHYAWWEHJIREHABBAAAAAAHHHH!” 

I couldn’t formulate words; I let the Spirit pray for me.

Paul also writes, “The Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God!”  The Spirit prays through me with words that can’t be understood but uttering the exact will of God!

I’m adding faith to the above prayer, that it will start the next revival.

‘Praying in the Spirt’ is a lost and neglected part of prayer today.  Offensive, as it seems to be just groaning; it has been reduced by others to just speaking in tongues (it is and isn’t); learn this lesson, it is the Spirit praying through you!

God does pray to God.  Jesus prayed to God the Father and salvation came.  With the ascension of Jesus, God’s Kingdom purposes have been entrusted to us. Jesus said it is better for Him to go so that we can receive the Spirit. 

Huge Kingdom purposes given to us but it is okay as when we don’t know how to pray — allow the Spirit to pray through us.  This secret to effective prayer begins with not knowing how to pray as the concerns, issues, cultural context are too complicated. 

Not for God. More than anything, God needs to hear the Spirit pray through us! I hope we understand the importance of God praying to God through us!!!

Tonight about 8.30 PM (if the curfew is lifted) I’m going to walk around the core block of Springfield babbling.  At least that is what you might think if you listen to me.  I believe that it will be my greatest prayer because the Spirit will be praying through me.

There is a statue in our core block — large and modern.  I will be there at 8:30 and walk around our core block in downtown Springfield once.

Come and join me. 

Don’t worry about how you will pray.  Perhaps for the first time – allow the Holy Spirit to pray to God the Father in the power and blood of Jesus — through you!

What better prayer is there?

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