False Bravado or Prayer?

There will be a sudden event. A split-second decision will determine whether the moment quickly passes, or something really bad happens.

Let’s define the time frame of a dangerous situation. It can be a car wreck, a house fire, a basement flood, a bicycle wreck, a lightning strike – all of which I have experienced.

My observations: 1. You must assess the situation quickly; 2. You must make a decision about correct action based upon your assessment; 3. You scream, or at least let your life flash before your eyes; 4. You find out quickly whether your assessment and decision were correct or not!

A disaster occurs when you make the wrong decision – and it happens in a split second.

There are two ways to deal with potential disasters:

  • Option #1: I can deal with it with bravado. You can deal with anything and everything until you find yourself in a situation where you can’t. Something will happen sooner or later beyond your ability, with wisdom or quickness of thought to avoid the danger.
  • Option #2: I need to pray! The Bible is full of “avoid disaster” advice. Pray a hedge of thorns of protection around your house or day so that any attacks will be foiled (see Job 1:10). Ask God to give you the will and the way for safety (see Philippians 2:12-13). Ask for angels to lift you up (Psalm 91:10-11).  Or just scream it all at once in a time of need!

My wife and I opt for Option #2.

We pray a hedge of thorns for protection around our house and family before we sleep. I believe when I get to heaven and see Angel Michael’s YouTube video re-cap of what “really happened”, I will find an angel woke my son up at 6 a.m. one morning. My son had never, until that morning, woken up at 6 a.m. He noticed our house on fire and sounded the alarm.

We pray for angelic protection as we pull out of the driveway on a trip.

Two weeks ago, driving to the destination of a week on the beach in Charleston, South Carolina, we were passing through Charlotte, North Carolina.

Coming over a rise in the road, the car in front of us suddenly swerved around a white Chrysler 300. My wife said, “Grant, that car isn’t moving.”

Danger! Danger! Danger!

What I observed: Some nincompoop had stopped his car in the speed lane, placing the car in “park” so there were no brake lights, had gotten out of the car, opened the back door, and was swatting a misbehaving child.

I’m approaching at 70 MPH.

Assessment: I’m going to swerve around this white Chrysler 300 like the other car in front of me just did. Looking in the rear view mirror, the car behind me does the swerving before I can, and now I’m boxed in with the car behind me having swerved to my right, a concrete barrier to my left, and the nincompoop swatting his kid in front of me.

Danger, Danger, Danger at 70 MPH – we all die!

My car starts to stop for me!

Automatic braking does work. I’m slamming on the brakes, my car is slamming on the brakes, Angel Michael’s YouTube replay will show my guardian angel slamming on his brakes.

I stop. Thank you, God! I’m safe. My wife is safe. Nincompoop is safe. His swatted child is safe.

Nincompoop looks up, realizes his stupidity, and has genuine fear on his face. He gets in his white Chrysler 300 and drives away.

Please believe me. Option #2 is best!

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