History’s First Zoom Meeting and Other Prophecies

In Acts 2 we see history’s first Zoom meeting. Peter, from the upper room, preached the gospel to about 15 nations.

Last week I had a Zoom meeting from my “upper room” (office) with attendees from five nations. I hope to break Peter’s 15 nation Zoom meeting record in the future. With current technology we can match what the Spirit did in the first century.

By adding the Spirit, you/me/we can reach the world without leaving our “upper rooms”.

I’m a huge fan of the Bible’s interwoven prophecies and themes that mirror & match through history. We see several of this type of prophecy in Acts 2.

Note: “Mirror & Match” is not a technical theological term but one that I use to describe God’s creativity embedded in the inspiration of scripture. What happens once happens again with more intensity!  

Mirror & Match #1.  Last Days (Acts 2:17 & James 5:7)! James teaches us that while the “last days” started in Acts 2:17 with the Spirit given, that there will be a “Mirror & Match” with an outpouring of the Spirit before the second coming of Jesus. It is called “early and late rains”! The latter rain will be more intense.

Mirror & Match #2.  The Acts 2 Zoom-meeting-of-15-nations-hearing-the-gospel resulted from miraculous speaking in tongues (Acts 2:1-7). The gospel will be preached to all nations – task completed – right before the second coming (Matthew 24:14). The gospel can be spread to all nations and all languages simultaneously today.

Note: One of my prayers for the church of 2021 is that First Steps Discipleship sessions will be led by you from your “upper room”. First Steps is a one-on-one discipling program allowing you to fulfill the Great Commission.

Mirror & Match #3.  Both women and men, young and old, of all nationalities, will be used interchangeably and powerfully according to their gifting. In Acts 2, the Spirit fell upon everyone. This is happening now and will continue. Dividing walls for any reason,  will cease.

There are 300 prophecies in the Old Testament about the first coming of Jesus and the start of the church. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament match the 300 from the first century and add another 300 to 600 prophecies for the second coming of Jesus.

300 to 600 – what a tremendous “Mirror & Match”!

The Bible predicts the following about the beginning of the church and the end of the church:

  • Power of the Spirit… Mirror & Match… Greater outpouring!
  • Gospel preached by Peter… Mirror & Match… Gospel preached by you to the entire world!
  • Everybody in the Upper Room empowered… Mirror & Match… All believers everywhere walking in power!
  • Believers in Acts scattered to the nations… Mirror & Match… We can reach the nations now with Zoom.
  • Persecution after Jesus returned to heaven… Mirror & Match… Persecution leading to Jesus returning to earth!

Read Luke 21, Matthew 24, Acts 2, and James 5 – you will notice many “Mirror & Match” prophecies.

Remember because of 2020, 2021 will not be like 2019. I’m thankful.

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