Why I Read The NASB

NASB… New American Standard Version
KJV… King James Version
NIV… New International Version
TPT… The Passion Translation
OGV… Old Guy Version

I read the NASB.

When I started reading and memorizing the Bible, I chose the NASB over the KJV because of the modern English in the NASB. Once I started memorizing scripture it was the NASB, and I kept memorizing from that one version.

I have been a NASB devotee since the 1970’s, and I’m glad that I am today. Why?

First, the original Bible is not the King James Version (yes, I had a person claim this).  The original New Testament manuscripts were in Greek. The first translation into English was by William Tyndale; he didn’t complete the entire Bible because he was executed for his efforts.

The King James Version was first published in 1611. This version had the King of England initiating and supporting the project. This version had the best scholars of the day translating. The prose is beautiful but a different English than spoken today in Twitter.

The King James Version has been enormously popular since its first printing. In 2014, a survey noted 54% of Americans still use the KJV as their Bible.

In the 1970’s you could count the number of English translations on two hands. One Bible program that I now use lists 55 English translations, most of them translated since the 1970’s. Everybody – scholars, popular pastors, and even Pastor Grant – have their own versions today.

The TPT, or The Passion Translation, translated by one author, is recent and has increasing popularity. The TPT advertises itself as the Bible for a new Generation. I use TPT in Interruptions because the translation accurately interprets the images of the original Greek language into familiar phrases.

And I do not use TPT for memorizing as its wording is often much longer. Placing a column containing the NASB alongside the TPT, I finish reading a chapter in the NASB and then notice that the TPT scrolls off the page.

Memorizing the TPT means more words to remember along with extra brain space required. As I age, I am not sure how many gigs of memory I have left!

I’m soon to purchase a 49-inch monitor, and I will be able to list 25 versions of the Bible in columns all at once. Wow, what an immersive Bible reading experience! I will be in translation heaven.

As I compare 25 versions, some by individual scholars, others by a committee of scholars, and one by a believer who wanted a version for his children (Ken Taylor with The Living Bible), all of them – all of them – are remarkably similar and you can feel God speaking!

One of my college professors was on the committee that translated the New International Version. The best translations are translated through committees! The NIV succeeded being faithful to the Greek with current language.

For years I used the NIV as my preaching text. A recent survey listed 20% of those reading the Bible as using this version.

Not anymore. The copyright to the NIV is now owned by a secular company. The translation has been changed to reflect current cultural thinking. The changes were made despite the Greek. I enjoy cultural relevance but not at the expense of accuracy.

Throw out the NIV!

I read, memorize, and preach from the NASB. It is accurately translated, easier to understand than the KJV, not violated by the whims of culture like the NIV, and shorter than the TPT (and translated by committee).

Which leaves the OGV (Old Guy Version) from Pastor Grant. Admittedly, not literal, and not by committee, of various length, and only three chapters of the entire Bible have been translated.

The OGV will not be a best seller.

But I love doing my own translation. Verily, thou wilst continue to readeth the NASB in Interruptions but be not of sad countenance when I inserteth the OGV (this paragraph in KJV English)!


All Scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching, for rebuke, for correction, for training in righteousness.  2 Timothy 2:16 (NASB)

The writings are God-breathed and needed for the application of the inner conviction of correction to fully develop a life pleasing to God.  2 Timothy 2:16 (OGV)

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