I Interrupt Too Much

For those who don’t know … my wife and I arrived home late Tuesday. We had a great trip to Israel and an adventure returning home. All of those who travelled with us to Israel are now safely home.

I’m at home for a while. And our meetings have been changed to Zoom. We have a great elder/staff team at Fellowship and what makes our elder/staff team unique is that we have fun “together”.

What happens … as is happening now … when we aren’t “together” in a traditional sense?

I love walking about the Upper Valley campus and just interrupting people to talk. I haven’t walked around for a time now; and who knows how long we will meet by Zoom. But it is important that I continue to interrupt you! And for you to interrupt me.

To stay connected.

Here is what I’m going to do. Each morning … at least before 8 a.m. and often much earlier … I will send a daily Interruption. It will be a short scripture along with a couple of bullet points. The bullet points can be a thought as encouragement, what I’m doing, or just random thoughts (and I do “random” very well).

I want you to respond at least a couple of times each week by hitting “Reply all” and interrupting me back. With the “Reply all” you will also interrupt the other staff and elders!

So we can continue to connect with one another.

Please just a bullet point or two … this isn’t the venue for lengthy discussion.

An example of what should happen in our lives because of these Interruptions. Grant talking to Barbara at home, “Hey, I just heard from Greg that he is doing well and coming up with great ideas on Facebook with a study for helping parents discuss fear with their teens.”

I want to hear how and what you are doing. The rest of us do too.



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