The Beatitudes

When Jesus saw the multitude following Him, He went up on hillside and sat down. That’s what great teachers did during the time of Christ, when they felt inspired, they sat down.

Those following, gathered around, and sat down too.

Stage now set for the greatest sermon ever!

Since Jesus was on a hillside, his voice would travel down to those listening. Scripture indicates that it was a large crowd. Many heard this sermon 2,000 years ago, and millions are still listening today.

Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount with a collection of nine sayings all beginning with the word “blessed.” Everyone wants blessing, to have the Kingdom of Heaven, live in peace, inherit the earth, find freedom, be satisfied, see God, and have a reward in heaven.

But who really wants to be poor, humbled, persecuted, and mourn to get it?

With the Beatitudes, Jesus turned blessing and living a satisfied life upside down. Like, “think of anything you want,” then “consider the best way to get it,” then “do the opposite.”

Such are the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let’s take apart some of the Greek words that Jesus used and understand what this upside-down living is all about. Perhaps it will not be as bad as we think. Maybe when understood, you will find it’s what you desire.

Please note the following is an OGV version of Matthew 5:3-11:

Blessed… Used nine times in the Beatitudes, means having God’s favor.

Poor… Not desiring, dependent, or bothered by what the world has to offer.

Mourn… Compassion for those hurting and wounded in the world.

Gentle … Well-trained to hear God’s voice.

Righteous… Living in freedom without guilt; not distracted by sensuality.

Mercy… The key to happiness. Those who give mercy, receive mercy. Mercy is a withholding of what you deserve!

Pure… Clean; no guilt or self-condemnation. No regrets!

Peacemaker… Peace, true peace with self, others, and God.  

Persecuted… Paying the price to pursue your heart’s desire.

Reviled/Insulted… Contentment amid insults. Seeing God, nothing else matters.

Jesus ended the Sermon on the Mount with this:

Everyone who hears my teaching and applies it to his life can be compared to a wise man who built his house on an unshakable foundation.  Matthew 7:24 (TPT)

Okay, I get it, and I hope that you do as well. We have a choice to listen and follow Jesus and believe what He says will work. Or to continue the misery in our lives right now, made by our own decisions.

It is an easy decision.

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