Few Challenge the Goodness of God

I love this verse,“The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, and His sovereignty rules over all.” (Psalm 103:19)

The past two weeks I have discussed, talked, prayed and encouraged people who are experiencing difficulty.

I will identify one couple – my son-in-law, Chris Lemaster, and my daughter, Megan.  Megan now works at home rather than driving to Centerville each day. Chris is a counselor who is always busy. Yesterday they moved into a new house and the grandparents can’t help with babysitting (quarantine).

Their lives have changed in the shadow of the Coronavirus, yet they are rejoicing!

In the midst of this changing time, I have heard an abundance of stories of helping one another, communities coming together, people praying for one another, and wanting to serve.

During the past two weeks I have not heard anyone questioning the goodness of God.  What is happening in the world – God is allowing all of it. When extreme disruption, difficulty, or stress occurs, there is something in us – some have called it “a God-sized hole in our soul” – that makes us seek and not criticize God. We want Him.

In the midst of difficulty few challenge the goodness of God. We are asking for wisdom, strength, and a fresh filling of the Spirit – like a child in distress crying for Mommy or Daddy. Trials – instead of anger towards God – cause a repentance of soul as our inadequacies, sins, and rebellion against the purposes of God come into the light.

Instead of challenging the sovereignty of God, we have turned to Zoom and in Zoom we pray together, connect in groups, and have meetings. We have turned to our families. We are reading our Bibles. All of us realize that God is doing something sovereign. He is shifting life and there is a new normal. The “something new” will be revival.

We conclude that God is causing all things to work together for the good of those who love Him.

Read the following prayer out loud right now:

Father, you are sovereign. I proclaim that you are doing something Good. I proclaim that you are doing something Great. I want to be near to you now. Allow me to leave behind what was distracting me from your presence. Fill me with your Spirit. We proclaim your Kingdom purpose now. We ask for an advance for the church. We ask for a mighty harvest. I ask healing for those sick, freedom for those in bondage, and salvation for those who have lost their way. I proclaim that in all things I am going to Rejoice!

Get your family together tonight and pray this prayer together. Then copy/paste/share with others.

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